The importance of pre-pigmenting


Ever hear you’re hairdresser warn you multiple times not to color your own hair at home? 

 One of the most common color corrections that our clients call us to help them out with is an at-home dye job of coloring their hair from light blonde to “natural” brown. This process is not as easy as it sounds. This process is actually considered one of the difficult color services we offer at the salon. 

 There is a level process of how hair darkens and lightens. Level 1 being black and level 10 platinum blonde. Any tone in between these numbers is considered the levels of process. In the case of having black hair (level 1) and bleaching to go platinum blonde (level 10), you will see your hair go from red, to orange to yellow before being toned platinum blonde. This is a process most of our clients are already educated on. However, this process is not considered when going from platinum blonde to natural brown. The biggest mistake our clients make is dumping a dark color (many levels darker then their processed bleached hair) over their level 10 platinum blonde hair. This dye job will come out flat looking and most of the time

discolored. To get a rich natural dark color, you would need to “pre-pigment” the platinum blonde before coloring it darker. This fill created the under laying tones that naturally exist when you bleach hair from dark to like. 

 We pride in our pre-pigment process because this kind of job should never be done at home. You will end up paying more money to fix it then what you would pay to come in for the service.